About Us

Our Motto:


 Premium sunglasses at affordable prices ensuring 100% protection & comfort for you eyes..(polarized,UV Protection,Anti-Glare etc.) and never compromise on Style and Fashion(Unique designs and wide range of shades)   "


At YUVME we believe that you need not have to overpay for the premium Sunglasses which gives you 360° benefits(well protected & stylish designs). 




1.Premium High Quality Sunglasses 

Our goal is to provide Premium Quality Sunglasses at affordable prices to everyone. we provide high quality Genuine products with 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty.For more details visit Warranty Policy.

We have a very strict Quality Control(QC) and has very less defect rate (< 0.1%).We use high quality material  for frame and lens to ensure durability and longevity.



What ever design we bring to you or what ever model you choose from us, all our products are designed to give you well protection to your eyes from harsh environment outside.Our glasses are.....

Polarized,100% UV Protected, Anti - Glare.

Your eyes stay comfortable even at  high intensive light and dusty weather.


3.Unique Designs & Wide range of Shades

we always do a lot of research to bring you the unique and latest designs and models,along with that we offer a wide range of shades in each model or design.So you can have a wide selection of Designs and Shades.


4. Affordability

Affordability is the core part of our business as i mentioned "We bring Premium Quality sunglasses at affordable prices".

All our efforts is to bring you high end product at affordable price.you could probable buy 3-5 sunglasses with the same price you spend on super-priced sunglasses without affection the quality,style and protection.



At YUVME customer satisfaction is the core of our business we will achieve this by bringing you the best quality product at affordable prices and utmost customer service.We are totally committed to Quality service, Transparency, Customer Oriented Approach and client satisfaction.


How we are different from others?

In general premium sunglasses which gives you 360° benefits like High Quality Built material,Protected Lens,Unique Designs,cool shades etc. are very expensive.We are bringing you the sunglasses with the above said qualities @ Affordable Prices.

Our Equation:

Affordable + Premium Quality + Protection + Unique Designs & Shades = YUVME