Maintenance & Cleaning

1.Keep your YUVME sunglasses inside the case when not in use.

2.Store YUVME sunglasses in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and/or extreme heat conditions exceeding 60 degree such as car dashboards. 

3.Do not expose your eyewear to any harsh chemicals or detergent.

4.Clean the lens with pH 5.5 (mild) soap and water.

5.Clean smudges with the  provided sunglasses microfiber cleaning cloth.

6.Do not clean or dry the sunglasses with any paper products as it will damage the lens and/or coating.

7.Do not put sunglasses in the pocket as frequent rubbing of surface of  lens with sturdy material like jean pants etc can damage the lens and/or coating.

8.Do not frequently touch the lens unless required or while cleaning etc as nails of finger can create scratches on the lens.

9.Please clean  the lens with water gently after any sport activity like running,jogging,cricket,surfing.sweat settled on the lens for a long time can create damage to coating of lens.Sweat is found at moderately acidic to neutral pH levels ,this could damage the lens coating.

10.Sweat remains on the lens for a long time can create sweat marks and could damage lens or mirror, please clean the lens as soon as possible to avoid any possible damage to lens or mirror coating.